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The Scope of the 64Bit update

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I purposely put this topic far down the list as it reflects on many of the topics above, it really comes down to this, what is Little Orbits vision for the state of the 64Bit upgrade when they release it, do you plan on massively improving the game, fixing many of the issues mentioned above to hopefully keep players around this time? Or do you plan on releasing 64Bit as a “QoL” update to fix the RTX crash issue, increase the memory ceiling as well as increase game performance by a bit and then use their 64Bit tools to begin tackling the issues above?


This is an absolutely massive question in everyone's mind when they think of the 64Bit update and it is one that has to be answered.


“64-bit is a good direction. We need this for quality of life for sure. However if it is taking longer to get it out then please give more updates. (PLease do not make promises and dates but please consider keeping players better informed.) Otherwise they feel abandoned.” -Community Member

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If the stuttering and freezing can be fixed alongside a smoother framerate + faster load times and I will call the 64bit upgrade a success. 

But keeping the momentum after the upgrade is a must.

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