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Make Clotting Agent 2's health regen the default regen stats

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Stock no clotting vs CA3 is pretty hard when rerolling a character (with guns). Can't imagine what it's like for new players with STARs and maybe a stock OCA.


It'd probably be a nerf to medspray since base time to regen is halved across the board, and make every other green mod feel way better (except for CA3 which barely changes, possibly even longer time to 100%?

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Yeah health regen is a major balance issue but everytime LO touches this game it gets worse so better it stays the way it is.

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Honestly, for all flak a certain forum user over here gets for repeated insistence* about their preferred green mod needing a buff (and Clotting Agent needing a nerf), it is entirely correct that the meta needs adjustments in the green mod field. Clotting Agent is the go-to option because of how drastically it changes the combat experience. The default health regen time of... 8 seconds, if I remember correctly? Being put out of combat to regenerate health for such a long period of time is too harsh of a punishment for simply participating in combat.


However, simply setting CA2 as the default and then letting players alter that with CA3 is a band-aid solution to a deeper problem causing the rot in APB's meta.


I feel like if we want to touch anything further in the character mod department, we need to open up the options – and one of the first things that would need to be done, even if it's a band-aid fix too, is the removal of the R195 restriction. Its only function is to keep the options stifled until you reach the halfway mark in progression.




It can be argued that you actually have a choice of 6 green mods before hitting R195, but fundamentally it's the same mod, just with varying intensity. On top of that, Clotting Agent's three levels actually have a tangible difference, but the 3 levels of Kevlar Implants differ so little that it's hard to argue for any one of them in particular – and that's if you even find someone willing to defend a mod that lowers mobility in a game where mobility matters so much.

In order to broaden your options, you have to force yourself to use the same few mods for however long it takes to reach R195, and then your mod choices expand. If we treat number variants as the same mod, you get 4 blue mods to choose from instead of 1, 4 green mods instead of 2, and 6 orange mods instead of just 1. Until that happens though, you're stuck with Field Supplier, Happy Landings, and Clotting Agent because there's no real reason to pick Kevlar in the current state of the game.


Ultimately the issue I see here is a lack of available options, and our collective inability as a community to come up with a solution or brainstorm new mods or anything of that sort. I don't subscribe to the notion that we should act careful so as not to upset the delicate nature of the current meta – it just feels like a surefire way to keep the gameplay stale and unchanging. Sitting on our asses and never making any changes so as not to upset anyone gets us nowhere. Instead of catering to specific demographics within the playerbase we should focus on things that can breathe some fresh air into the playscape.

On the other hand though, how many stats can we even alter as part of modifications? The "main" trait of green mods (and I use the word "main" very loosely) is trading mobility for survivability or the other way around. Flak Jacket experiments with resisting specific damage types, but that's about as adventurous as things get right now.


We could have a whole multi-stage process of adding new things. Have people suggest new mods on the forums in dedicated threads, pick the most well-received one (or multiple ones; we don't have to limit ourselves to adding just one new mod and we shouldn't) and add them to the game later down the line; we could even hold an art contest by having people create in-game symbols that will be used as mod icons.


I think one of the biggest hurdles to overcome here is pessimism. Active suggestions for new things are better than passive reactions to things that are added without prior polling. I understand disliking the history of changes so far, but LO aren't mind readers and I don't think it's fair to blame them for not getting things right on the first try. (Hopefully I've conveyed my idea here in a relatively clear manner :V )


*the issue that I personally take is that they are at the right conclusion, but they reach it through absolutely incorrect analysis and they offer completely wrong solutions.

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forgot about Hard Landing existing
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On 9/10/2022 at 3:34 AM, mtz said:

Ultimately the issue I see here is a lack of available options, and our collective inability as a community to come up with a solution or brainstorm new mods or anything of that sort.

Nah it's the lack of willpower and manpower on part of the developers and its been that way for years. 

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