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Screenshot Contest (April 2022) Conclusion

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Hello everyone,


After careful consideration and much debating, the Fallen Earth team concluded April's screenshot contest! First and foremost, thank you to everyone who continues to support this game and its activities. Especially so if you have posted your awesome screenshot and made this decision harder for us 🙂 We appreciate you and hope you will also be a part of future events!


This time around, we have decided on the following three screenshots:


First place:
"Feeling Young Again" by Ragnar



Second place:
"Welcome to Lifenet" by Hikari Kenzaki



Third place:
"Synbox" by bos85



To receive your reward, please send the following details to Ritual (PM) via the G1 forums:

- The email address you have registered your Fallen Earth account on and
- The name of your character to which we will be sending the goodies you've won!


Congratulations to the winners! You rock! It was not an easy task to come on top among many fantastic entries.


Until next time!

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