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Item Prices Spreadsheet

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Hello wastelanders, I have created a spreadsheet that details the cost it takes to craft an item. This takes into consideration materials that can be purchased from vendors and materials that cannot be bought from vendors. The reason I created the spreadsheet is so that players can get a basic idea of how much an item is worth and to set their items at a fair price. 

Prices listed are at 0 social - it is the maximum price you can purchase from vendors.

For items that are not vendored, the price is calculated from: Sell Price * 4

Items listed are craftable and tradeable

Feel free to message me some feedback or if there's anything that can be added/improved.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DED9nEIPPWKfZODWlA7_Be7j7h2ybASY/view

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