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"Reward Point/G1C" Merchant (List inside)

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Just to cover what would be ideal in an NPC if they added it.

  • Nanite Cleansers
  • Pack Upgrade (Inventory slots)

  • Wardrobe Unlock : All
  • Commander's Crafting Kit
  • Faction Shirts (All factions)
  • Scavenger's Shirt (For them social alts)
  • Sector/Barter/Utility/VIP Vault increases (G1C and Reward as they stack) 8/16
  • Deed to Storage Building (Increases maximum slots for mounts)

  • Pristine Recombinant Injector
  • DT/Faction Boosters
  • Crafting/Harvesting/Salvaging Speed Booster
  • Solo/Group XP booster (Lambda Clone/Team)
  • Harvester Fuel
  • Mounts (Subjective, not required, I just miss my badland rider...)
  • GORE Enchancers
  • Kennel (Max pet slot increase)
  • Two Chupacabras Perfume (Faction Reset)

    As for what they costs, I don't really care what currency they put it under.
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key ring

pets  (like lizard dog)

prairie chicken mount

dye packs

and the most important one of all

gore baits




oh yea glow stick packs for you rpers to "play with"

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