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  1. I poured tons of hours into Fallen Earth both as an old Icarus dev and as a player. It had a good run and I hope it comes roaring back once Little Orbit finishes converting everything to a new engine. So many fond memories of departments showing their latest content for the game in company meetings, then going to lunch with the rest of my crew to the nearby japanese steakhouse. Joining half the studio on raids testing newly developed areas and laughing to myself when we were annihilated. Playing with people around the globe was so much fun. Joining a raid to defend Citadel or traveling in a massive convoy to fight for harvesters in The District against another massive team. I spent a few weekends leading Gore Boss teams for hours at a time. I max leveled at least one character for every faction and must have joined two dozen different clans. Got well known enough as a healer that I made a couple healing tutorials. Messed with people maybe a little too often using new line code (\n) that worked in chat for some reason. There were plenty of heart aches and head aches too. The dev team was devastated after lay offs, but our lives moved on. I still keep up with a handful of them. Then in game, new content regularly made old content meaningless. It's fine if fun new bosses are introduced or pvp gets a big injection, but grinding isn't fun. The lag was unbearable at times and the game seriously needed a duping fix. I left eventually when real life obligations took center stage, but I never lost my fondness for Fallen Earth or it's community. You guys are the reason I loved playing this game. Thank you. I wish old Fallen Earth a good send off and hope to greet new Wastelanders upon its return. I'll see you out in the wastes.
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