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APB Launcher wont start the game

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Hey @Gamingplayer2233 

Not knowing if you have the game installed prior or not. 

Easy option is to do a new install. But if...


I would try two things to try to problem solve this.


1) go to your installation location and locate the APB.exe (if installed) launch this direct. If the game launches then the launcher is the issue.. 


2) if you do not have the game installed or the game loads directly and the launcher is the issue I would check your installation path has not been changed. 


if you previously had the drive letter changed or folder name retitled then the launcher may break. 


additionally file corruption can happen.


try disconnecting your network connection. Load the launcher. Should load but will present offline. This would test if it's a firewall/av issue.


you can completely rename the game installation folder. Reinstall the launcher to the drive location and before downloading installing the game you can copy the game files acros but not the launcher files.. although if a file is corrupt this would replicate the issue. 


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So just to clarify .. you original issue is that  : (quote)


On 11/3/2021 at 8:00 AM, Gamingplayer2233 said:

So it wont let me get in the game because of a system error on the launcher and it says it failed it's code execution because of nothing, I downloaded it here because of another problem at steam.




So has this now been Fixed? your in the game and able to load the game and log in?


Your new comment (quote)

On 11/5/2021 at 5:42 AM, Gamingplayer2233 said:

So I have the steam version of APB but the problem is it won't load female underwear so what do i do?


Is a separate issue now your in the game ?




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