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Remove "-1 magazine size" from Pistol Silencer mod

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Remove the "-1 magazine size" from the Pistol Silencer modification. The benefits of the silencer barely affect gameplay, and are mostly cosmetic.


Here are the current stats for the Pistol Silencer.


  • Reduces muzzle flash and audio
  • Removes tracers
  • -1 magazine size
  • -50% horizontal recoil
  • +25% vertical recoil
  • -10% damage to vehicles


The reduced muzzle flash and audio are only cosmetic. Opposing players can still hear and see the pistol fire.

Removes tracers does not currently affect gameplay, due to tracers being disabled globally.

-1 magazine size does exactly that. It removes 1 bullet from the magazine, making the user to reload sooner and deal less damage between reloads.

-50% horizontal recoil is useful but hardly noticeable on the current pistols since they have minimal horizontal recoil.

+25% vertical recoil is hardly noticeable due to the current pistols not having much vertical recoil.

-10% damage to vehicles is kinda redundant to having one less bullet per magazine.


Current secondary pistols that use the Pistol Silencer:

  • Joker RFP-9 "Talon"
  • FR0G 'Rocket'
  • FR0G 'Thumbnail'
  • Obeya FBW-SD PR1


The latest changes to the RFP-9 made it impractical to use against other pistols. It's ttk is too high and it's accuracy isn't good enough to land every shot at max range. Having 1 less bullet isn't helping. It turns the last burst of the mag into 2 bullets instead of 3.


The base model FR0G has the potential to get 2 kills per magazine at 10M, and 1 kill per magazine up to 43M. This puts it between the FBW and .45. The FBW can potentially get 2 kills per mag up to 30M, and the .45 is accurate enough to consistently kill in less than 1 mag at 40M. Adding the pistol silencer to this weapon reduces it to 1 kill per mag, and reduces the potential kill range to 40M. This puts it in a bad spot. If you can't aim the FBW is a better choice since it has more damage per magazine and more range, and if you can aim the .45 is a better choice since it has better accuracy and more range. If you prefer full auto, then the OCA Nano becomes the better choice since it can also get 2 kills per mag up to 30M.


The FBW remains unchanged as far as kills per mag goes. The base FBW barely has recoil, so there's no reason to use the silencer other than for the audio and visual effects.

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I mean, less recoil is less recoil. but it is silly

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Posted (edited)

I don't understand why you'd add vertical recoil to a pistol anyway or even vehicle damage? who the hell is trying to take down a vehicle with a pistol?

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