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Found this bug

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This thread has been moved to the PC Bug and Tech Issues section of our forums. 


The issue itself is a graphical loading issue can be more frequent in some configurations than others, but is overall still quite rare.



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Hi @TYRANSIS Hope your well.  & thanks @Amayii


Tyransis first of all..  Can you just go through the following.:


Hi .. Appreciate that your having issues.  the errors stated can be all related to one cause,  or sometimes many, but for us to better help you we need to narrow down some information, so can you add some information regarding your system 


1) PC Spec hardware -


A) If Prebuild list its Manufacture & model Number + any hardware changes you have made. :


B) If a custom build the Specs of your machine, as follows, 

Motherboard (Model): 

Processor (model):

Memory (model + Capacity): 

Graphics Card (title + Model):

Primary OS storage device (Type + model): 

Secondary if used for storing game files  (type + Model) : 

Any peripherals items = Sound cards, capture cards, 

Operating system (type and version id) : 


2) the run time environment , 


 a) Was you playing the game with any applications recording/capturing or visual overlays for chat clients ?   

   b) have you made or installed any new hardware to your compute since the game was installed ? 

     c) Do you run any 3rd party Antivirus or Malware security applications that have updated since the last known working time the game ran ? 

       d) do you run the game "vanilla" or via a modded launcher like "ADV"?


Added Note : 

I can see your screen resolution and quality is lower then avg from the clip you've provided,.  This error is normally associated with a few issues, Low Spec Graphics hardware / out of date Drivers / back end software support DirectX and other key OS features.  

fill out the above, In the mean time, Check your System drivers for updated versions, once iv reviewed your reply and if you've had any luck with drivers I can assist further.  👍

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