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What weapons are functionally similar to the STAR?

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On 3/19/2021 at 3:46 AM, R3ACT3M said:

Yep...can we get some bloom buffs now to weapons? Why does the FAR have to be shit, meanwhile the NTEC is king? Annoying is what it is. 

Can't tell a lie though, bought it only because it seemed like a strong weapon.

You aren't allowed to have any weapon be better than the NTEC. NTEC must be king otherwise plebs will complain.


Atac? Nerf, S1NA? Nerf, FAR? Nerf, Better not buff the STAR very much to compete, Obeya? Nerf, nerf, buff, nerf buff, NTEC must be king.


(Though obeya is fine as is now lol)

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