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Issue with ps4 NA servers

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I’m a ps4 NA player and ive been wanting to address an issue quite a few of us have. The blue screens every 30 mins is annoying. The blue screens make apb almost impossible to play. I could literally be standing still and all of a sudden blue screen. Another issue is Lag. When in fight club, missions or even in social you could be in one place and lag to a whole different area. Getting messages saying “you have been unsilenced by a GM” is also annoying. The texture buffering is almost unbearable. I don’t know if this is considered a glitch but people in my group sometimes have question marks by their mics making it where you have to be by them in order to hear them. 

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Blue screening occurs when an error occurs these errors in game are generally ram based due to the game being poorly optimised during development for console, this does not apply for pc because u can have 32 or 64 gb ram if u so feel like it, fixing this will require some coding and redevelopment but I’m sure this is a goal for them, the FPS lag is a side product of the poor optimisation, since this game has a max FPS rate of 30 and does not get boosted by ps pro, lag is inevitable but it can have managed by turning off some settings like group member icons which actually use ram so they can be constantly updating, making the game have a max fps rate of 60

after it’s properly optimised this will fix the lag, for now restarting and lowering settings is best thing

again better optimisation for the server will stop sliding and other forms of connectivity lag issues or reduce it depending on where u are

the microphone bug is quite well known, I’m sure they are trying to develop ansolution

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