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  1. I’m a ps4 NA player and ive been wanting to address an issue quite a few of us have. The blue screens every 30 mins is annoying. The blue screens make apb almost impossible to play. I could literally be standing still and all of a sudden blue screen. Another issue is Lag. When in fight club, missions or even in social you could be in one place and lag to a whole different area. Getting messages saying “you have been unsilenced by a GM” is also annoying. The texture buffering is almost unbearable. I don’t know if this is considered a glitch but people in my group sometimes have question marks by their mics making it where you have to be by them in order to hear them.
  2. They removed both fight clubs smfh
  3. What are u talking about? I was saying social has been down for 2-3 days??
  4. So it takes 2-3 days for y’all to fix the problem ? Honestly, half of us are tired of the bs. Soon we’re going to be asking for our money back because it isn’t the first time something like this has happened. First time a district was removed was during the holidays when only social was up, but honestly we didn’t care as much because at least we had Breakwater Marina. Y’all don’t even have that. How come there was no post made to reassure us that the problem was being looked into. We’re console players, not pc. So we’re going to get easily bored if a place that everyone goes magically disappear with out any reason behind it.
  5. Bombilate

    Where’s social?

    Speaking on half of PS4, We would like to know what’s going on. We were never told social was going to be gone for that long or that any update was going to happen at all. Honestly this is almost day 3 that it’s been gone and we are all fed up at this point.
  6. The social district been gone since last night
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