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Character Modification Idea: Heavy Weapons Carrier

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- Upon using this modification, you can now use another primary weapon as a secondary weapon (assault rifle, shotgun, SMG, High velocity rifle, ANY WEAPON). <For example: Assault Rifle as the primary weapon and Shotgun as a secondary weapon.>
- 10% less sprint speed on the wearer.
- 25% reduced weapon change speed.

What you think? Let me know in the comments...

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I can see inspiration here from some of the Call of Duty games which have had character perks that allowed the player to substitute their secondary with a primary, with (if I remember correctly) only a part of the second primary's ammo capacity.


The way I see APB's gameplay loop work, a primary is your main "role" in the team, while a secondary is a weapon that lets you cover up the niches your primary underperforms in. If you are interested in a secondary OBIR, the RFP-9 is your best bet (though that's a bit of a stretch). If your primary is a shotgun, you can make yourself a bit more viable at long ranges with an ACT 44. Honorable mention is the FBW, which does just fine at all ranges sans long, where it will flat out lose to the likes of the N-HVR.

APB is not supposed to be a game where you turn yourself into a one man army. You take specific primary weapons with the knowledge that you will not be 100% effective at certain ranges, leaving you to rely on other members of your team.


Even if we were to consider adding such a character mod to the game, I don't think the penalties you proposed are deep enough to offset the sheer power the player gets from having two primary options at their disposal. Plus, which colour would it even occupy? Blue or green?


It's nice to see people still come up with ideas for this game, but about this one... I respectfully disagree.

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APB is balanced around the primary/secondary weapon setup. A mod to break that is not something that should be looked at.

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