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Clothing price discrepancy after the Joker Store re-work

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After the Joker Store re-work where Armas clothing was put for sale for JT's I noticed that it also affected prices for clothing previously bought via the Armas Marketplace that got placed in the joker store.

This essentially turned half of the clothing bundle to require APB$ and the other half to be free.

Even non-bundle items suffered this new pricing, for instance, Cigar and cigarrete now cost 250$ when it used to be free.

Is this intentional or a bug?



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As strange, or annoying, as it might seem, it does appear to be an intentional change based off the information found on their blogpost.

The items that are still listed as free are likely due to them not yet being purchasable from the Joker Store


While it would be nice for the ARMAS bought items to not have the low price costs, it doesn't seem like there's a clean or elegant solution for it.

Though it would be nice if the prices were balanced a bit more around their respective clothing types. Looking at you $500 Tops & Bottoms

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