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Limit of buying things

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as Title says, there is a naughty limit of 3 weapons/mods/others (regenerate 1 item able to buy per 1 day) to rent an item using NPC (the 10 days one's, mods or other items) - i would like to get rid of this for other players also.

edit: about renting weapons i think if you are able to get up to 1000 days of renting gun should get permament in this case (its alot of apb$ anyway)

edit2: small calculation with 1000 days renting get permament ==> for stock N-TEC which costs 3264 it will goes to 326.400 APB$ to get permament (i think its a good price if not then increase or decrease it... whatever)

there is also one other change which is in the Tutorial: as for there are 2 stages in tutorial "1": get 10 day weapon, "2" get permament weapon, I would suggest that this 10 day weapon should give a player ability to use all those weapons in that 10 days peroid or if its not enough just increase the timer to 14 days... Then new player will be able to choose permament weapon of hes choose and not just pick random one.


@Sakebee - I think you are the most capable to push that forward. Thanks

ps. Yup English isn't my native language but i hope you guys can understand what i want to address here.

edit3: i dont know from where i come up with that 7 days 🙂 its 10 ...

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300k is pretty cheap for a permanent weapon. Joker store has been a better way for players to do that.

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