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Today was a hard day for an APB fan

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Tried logging in the beta for 2 hours, eventually giving up afterwards (cause I also had to go eat). I was hyped af for trying out the beta and this was a huge letdown to me. So I decided to boot up the normal, old APB. I wanted to play Baylan Shipping, but then I remembered that I won't be able to do so for a long time still bc of the Gun Game event, which I don't like playing cause it lags way too much on my PC. Still, I decide to try a couple missions of Gun Game, and as soon as I get tired I go play a bit of Financial. After a good 5 minutes of spamming "Join", I immediately get teamed up with 3 silvers (nothing to say abt them, I'm silver too atm) and our opponents are, of course, 3 golds all from the same clan. No backup allowed on our part either. I shake my head, get in my car and look for where to go. Until... I realize I got that stupid bug that prevents the game from showing items' and players' positions. I was super close to getting to R18 with a contact, so I decide to play the mission regardless instead of just turning off my PC. Of course, we start getting bodied. Of course, in the end my score sucked so much I didn't even manage to rank up. Of course, right as I press K again the game crashes.

Please, hurry up and fix APB. I try my best to stay positive, but days like this put a hard toll on me.

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