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Disabling Queueing as solo higher rank than in current district.

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Title says it all. Disable your matchmaking in the current district unless you are grouped with players that are the correct threat for the district. Would set an end a majority of frustration players feel whenever playing against 255 gold players in silver district and vice versa. Could also extend this to if over 60% of the group is not the current threat then MM will be disabled for all except the one that is currently correct threat to reduce boosting.


Will players try to get around this like de-ranking? 

Yes. But it's a bannable offense, so not a lot of people will risk their account to outplay newer players.


But all my friends are 255 gold, will I not be able to play with them?

Yes you will. It's only for people who like punching down and can't play against their skill group.


But no one plays in gold anymore?

That's why this is a fix. People will be using gold district as they used to and play against the actual skill groups they are placed in. 


But everyone in gold cheats?

And everyone flocks to silver district ATM. Including cheaters who have the same mindset as you do.

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This topic has been moved to the APB Game Suggestions section of our forums.

Thank you.


- Azukii

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I applaud your desire to fix what is an actual real problem.

However, this just sounds like punishment for being gold and or having gold friends and Im not sure why you would want that.


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