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Weapon Loadouts! (Now with Pics!)

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this is a suggestion that has prolly been proposed a million times. However, here is my take on it.


1. Appoaching any kind of inventory kiosk (mail, ammo vending machine, vehicle spawn machine) allows you to press a hotkey to access the Loadouts menu. Alternatively, accessing the Inventory and heading into the Loadouts tab will lead you there, too.



2. Within the Loadouts tab, you can view, select and edit your loadouts. You can also add new loadouts if you hit the "+" symbol at the bottom of your loadout list. Here, we wanna view the "Edit Item" menu options.



3. We'll choose the "Rename" option.



4. Let's rename it.



5. Hitting the "+" to add a new loadout or choosing the "Edit Loadout" option will lead you to loadout editing window. In this current version, outfits, player titles and equipment items cannot be bound to a loadout yet. However, you can freely choose your weapons and their mods, aswell as character mods. 




The loadout menu should be easy to navigate and to edit, especially in the heat of a mission. You have everything you need to change your loadout within seconds, no more fuzzy menu navigation.


Hope you like it! Give me your comments and suggestions, that'd be great! 😄



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I think loadouts should also include character outfit, mods, equipment, and vehicles honestly.


Might as include an ability to switch roles/inventory on the fly whenever you need; but only be able to switch loadouts on Ammo vendors/contacts? Maybe?

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Why not, is annoying everytime to change gun and mods when you could easily have loadouts and just swap out and in like you described.

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