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The SPPD is a Non-Roleplay, Casual, PVP Clan on APB: Reloaded, originally from the Xbox One. We migrated to PC Jericho, established a precinct on the server, and are now opening recruitment to the public.  

Our site:



The San Paro Police Department Clan was founded back in June of 2016 by JustinCarter.

We are looking for individuals who want to be part of an active and structured organization that: utilizes communication, team work, and strategy to win, is heavily involved with the community, and aims to enjoy the game to the fullest while at the same time working to make it a better place. 



To join the SPPD you must:

    Be mature.
    Be respectful.
    Be professional.
    Be able and willing to follow clan rules and    guidelines. (Listed here)
    Be of age 17 or older.  
    Have a working microphone. (NO STATIC, NO ECHO, NO VOLUME ISSUES)
    Speak fluent English.

    Have a clean community reputation


There is no level or skill requirement.


To apply, go to:


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On 4/22/2020 at 6:09 AM, JustinCarter said:

The SPPD is a Non-Roleplay, Casual, PVP Clan


How are you guys claiming to not be a "non-role play" clan? One of the pictures on your website shows what appears to be a poorly positioned traffic stop.



You also have "mandatory" uniforms when "on duty". That is practically the pure definition of a role play clan.


I'm not knocking it, though it just seems like either false advertisement or you don't quite know yourself what your clan really is.

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Not a problem, I’ll happily explain,
We occasionally randomly target players and chase them around in our cars for fun, the one in the photo was in game chat and actually pulled over after we got behind him, shocking us, we stopped and joked with him for a few minutes before moving on. All in good fun.

The picture is from Xbox and is also quite old. 


As for uniforms, “on duty” status within the SPPD, refers to any time a clan member is in a group with other SPPD Officers. We are big on uniformity and representation so we require that our members wear their full uniform and drive their assigned vehicle when participating in clan activities. 

The SPPD embodies the rank structure, uniformity, and discipline that you would expect to see from a police force but you won’t find any of our members role playing on APB outside of satirical situations.

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