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Running Eagle

(JERICHO) LF FFA R&D III (round two...) TRADE + SMALL $

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I made a dumb decision and got rid of my last one.  Regretting it deeply.


Thereby, looking to overpay (BY ALOT)




Me: ursus corsair medusa cap40 bullshark $300k and a 3 slot cisco with the Armas body kit on it (chimera i think it is called.)


Literally every gun I have, every dollar I have to my name, and the only car in my possession that's tradeable.  I'm willing to CLEAN MYSELF OUT here.  😛


PM me, or respond in this thread.

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Why so much for just a skinable permanent obir that shoots extra 3 rounds every burst and is the rarest gun ever? i wanna know.

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