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Store un-used weapons

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So I am often running into the issue that during battle, I want to switch to a certain weapon. The enemy is incoming, the ammobox is about to expire, and you have to go through over 30 permanent weapons.

I usually only use about 4-6 weapons at max, while the others are weapons I'd almost never use.

Can you please give us a way to store weapons and items in a bank or locker or something? This would make life so much easier.

Another option would be, the feature that has already been requested many times. Weapon presets. 

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Loadouts would be supercool and also the ability to move weapons on the list yourself would be quite useful aswell.
But for now, you can just select a specific category on the weapon selection like sniper rifles or assault rifles.

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A smiple arrange your gun thinggy would work.


Having your most used guns on top of the list

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