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need help with this one

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hi guys 


Ok so I found myself reminiscing about a movie which I literally only saw a snippet of back when I was a kid basically, I'm not expecting to come across movie savvy people on here but I thought I'd try my luck and see if anyone could help me with the title.


The reason why I didn't watch it untill the end is because it turned out to be a horror movie which I was totally unaware of and as soon as one specific scene played I literally NOPE'd the fu*k out of the room and couldn't sleep the same day, bare in mind I was probably around 13 back then, and was easily scared. Okay so the scene was basically as follows; 


A person, not sure if it was a woman or a man, can't remember due to the time that has passed since, looks at a painting, not sure if it was a large painting or hand held, and begins to observe, the scene was built In a way that forbid the whole painting to be revealed to the viewer and only portions of the painting were exposed as the observer's eyesight was exploring it bit by bit. 


The painting contained scenes of ancient, supposedly European people, judging by their attires, probably from the 1500-1600's doing normal everyday activities from the lifestyle that was available back then, while this was being shown to the viewer, a very melodic, slow and low-key evil theme was playing, the theme then slowly but somehow at the same time rather abruptly turns into something far more sinister and evil as more is being exposed in the painting and that was a landed alien space ship with some aliens outside of it either trying to make contact with the locals OR terrorizing, killing and torturing the locals, not sure which one of the two it was. 


And this is where I literally got scared beyond belief and ran into the other room, cause I couldn't handle the combination of the foreboding theme and drastic change of the painting's genre

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