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Hello everyone, Hello Matt and Lixil.


I was just reading that thread about the Lag and GM abuse. I'm confused about one thing, Lixil said this:

After a quick investigation (on the correct server), it was deduced that a GM did, in fact, mess around with Shini. Effective immediately, Bas3, is no longer part of the GM team for Little Orbit and will not be welcome to apply for future roles of GM with the company. "


My first question, Was Bas3 a paid employee with the company ? or was this person someone who just applied online to be part of the GM community team?

The reason i ask and confused, because i thought GM community players aren't allowed to have admin tools and do actual GM duties?

Now if Bas3 was a real GM , an employee with the company, then i don't see why he was "fired" .  I mention this to you Lixil before, that I'm a GM myself and community manager for a few different gaming companies ATM and in the past, one of them was T3entertaiment and i use to work with Scapes, Tiggs knows him also from flagship, I'm also a ex dev for Terminal Reality(T2), there's nothing wrong with playing with the players using our admin tools for "fun or entertainment purposes", we just have to make sure we informed the public/community players in the game before we do it.


In the past with APB, there was someone name G1Zieu who i highly respect, but I'm not sure what happen to person, but i do know the day players were reporting him for using admin tools against the players. I really don't understand the logic by any player why they were get upset about it. If the argument about how Game Masters can't have fun and use them on players or in the environment around the players and "players" aren't allowed to do it, well that argument can not be be won. Players aren't allowed to use them , period



Now my Concern about allow players who are not employed with the company to have GM titles(red tags) or even GM roles should not be allowed. No offense Little Orbit, but you're just asking for trouble when you make these decisions. You shouldn't allow anyone who is not on your payroll to be allow any have any GM powers or GM roles. New players already get help in the game by other players, this is nothing new. Players take the time, well those players who are willing to report players for suspicious activity or whatever already do this. You shouldn't have to have players apply for a certain role to be able to do these things, which both those things are already being done. Even myself, I'm sure you can check the log on how many players i have reported under my character name LAPDAlonzo, and i have the evidence to back up every player who i think is cheating. You want names, clan names, rank numbers, videos, i have them. You don't need to have player GM's in the game, when the players ourselves are willing to report people or even help new players.  Now you can do whatever you like, but I'm just saying be very wary about how you do things.


I say be wary, because some of the players will try to fool you. A player who cheats will always cheat, period. They can't hep themselves, either they suck so bad at life or in the game, they have to use cheats to win or to get to the top. You guys are talking about unbanning players, that is what they are waiting for. I personal think its a bad mistake, but its pretty obvious you want to get them a second chance, and due to the low population , you will see an increase in playerbase. If you want to see a real increase in playerbase, the best thing to do is to release the engine upgrade, bring back the old threat system or something similar to it, new content in general, and promote it everywhere, including on steam, you will see a huge increase in player-base.



Anyways to end this, I'm just letting you guys know that don't be stupid ( not implying that you are) and don't fall for everything. Players who cheat are criminals, period(be careful on giving them a second chance).  Second, a GM using his powers against players is not a violation of a Game Master duties.( you may have mix views about this, remember i said what happen to G1Zieu, he did nothing wrong IMO).  And last, To Lixil and Matt, i think you both are doing a great job of handling "certain" things, don't let any players bother you with any nonsense. The comments in that thread was honestly disgusting to read, and i know you Lixil apologized for that "player GM" ( i'm assuming bas3 is? ) was behaving. The only people you should be concern about are players using any cheats/hacks/3rd party tools and i think one of yall said credit card fraud ( seriously people actually do that? are they that low of a person? )


This is just my opinion and my opinion alone. But if a GM who works for little orbit wants to have fun and use his or tools against players, or whatever, that's fine, but that GM should always informed the public about it first or ask the players in the game if its cool to do. But even if he or she does not, it shouldn't bother the players, what happen to everyone sense of humor? In the past, i clearly seen most of the players enjoy some of the past GM's roaming around in the district, playing around. But there's always some players out there who don't support it/accept it. But that shouldn't mean that GM should be fired or let go because of it. I can tell you like this, in the past when there were alot of GM's in the game, players felt at ease knowing that there are GM's in the game, and if a player is cheating, that GM or even dev will banned them. I think You Matt said the team has to be careful on who to ban, well that's not true. I'm not sure how well you are at detecting someone using a cheat, but its very easy to do it. The problem with APB, there's alot of people who do cheat and won't take responsibility for what they do and try to make you feel like you're the one that is wrong. Now some of them are giving a second chance soon lol, not a wise idea. One of my clan members caught someone cheating the other night using a Stabba, that player was a low rank silver, that player was on a team with another player who just happen to be a rank 255, and that rank 255 player was training the silver. So you have to cheaters right there, because the rank 255 has to know what the player he or she is training is doing. It doesn't take long to figure out how criminals behaved and how they try to look less suspicious about their activities.


Cheating in online games is never going to go away, period. Its everywhere, even worse in games like fortnite and pubg. You have over a million people who use hacks in PUBG, that should tell you something right there. There's alot of evil people in this world without a good conscience. So my advice, you should never allow any player who is not with your company , an non employee to become a GM in any sense of the word. Take care and good luck with your game. I am not playing APB atm, decided i will come back once the engine upgrade is release and a better threat system, no telling how long that's going to be. But hope everything works out. If you want to closed this post, that's up to yall, just read it before you do.

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[size=14] text pls





makes sense as to why everything is all over the place



A player who cheats will always cheat




So you have to cheaters right there, because the rank 255 has to know what the player he or she is training is doing

wrong, again


that's a long rant about... cheaters? abusive gms? GM's should not be messing with players, unless the GM makes their intentions clear AND the player is okay with it. Under no circumstances should they intervene in a mission that is currently in progress, it's just poor form.

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Hello Amberwind,


First of, I'd like to thank you for your concern regarding this previously resolved issue. I would also like to say that we do not have any intention discussing this or similar things in any other way but through official posts when (and if) similar issues occur. What the community needs to concern themselves with is usually what we bring up (just like in said case). Please refrain from bringing similar discussions in such way on public forums without them being related to the actual post discussing the issue. It is simply creating unnecessary tensions and miscommunication.


Also regarding your post, please keep in mind that maintaining a reasonable level of customization to the post is not only polite, but also a better bet people will actually read it without any issues.


That being said, I will be closing this thread for the sake of this message going through. Any further thread of similar content will be removed.




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