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Remove reactions. Stop making facebook/reddit 2.0

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Likes/dislikes/upvotes/downvotes/emoticon reactions etc cause hivemind or a sheep mentality. Humans have the tendency to follow the masses instead of using their own brain. People like/dislike based on their personal bias. beliefs, agendas.


when someones says something wrong but a lot of people who are also misinformed about it likes it, the people who actually know the right thing might just change their opinion due to getting influenced by the mass. Individuals are smart but a crowd is stupid.


This upvote/downvote thing is a severely harmful effect infecting social media all over the internet since ages and this shit has become so much normalized that nobody baits an eye to it. 


I know this is a freaking game site but i still hate it how someone gets disliked tons of time for saying the right/unpopular thing. 


I mean is there anything stopping anybody from actually replying or quoting someone if they want to react?


Try this cool article - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowd_psychology

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