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My gun stops shooting

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Whenever im facing enemy and try to shoot them my gun stops shooting for some reason , it happens with all the guns close range or even volcano from 95m , i thought its my mouse , but i tried my mouse in other games and browsing its working just fine

i restarted the game and still the issue happens , not the whole time but sometimes 

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Same thing happens to me, IDK if its a bugg but it has been happening before from previous years




when ever I use any guns it freezes in middle of battle againts my opponent. They should fix this bugg and the other buggs with frame drop

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First off, make sure the gun you're shooting isnt a semi-automatic. I've seen someone complain about the same thing and they were using a Joker Carbine...


Unplug your mouse and delete/uninstall any drivers associated with it. Then plug it back in and let it reinstall itself. Then just launch the game. This happened to me and I did that and it hasn't done it since.

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