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Não consigo entrar...

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Não estou conseguindo entrar, já reiniciei a máquina e tudo mais...

Será que ainda ta tendo manutenção?  Não creio, pois já passou mais 15hrs.

 Eu avia acabado de entrar no jogo, participei de 1 missão e tomei DC (Disconect) ,  loguei novamente e só aparece mensagem dizendo que o server está em manutenção  e que era pra consultar o fórum...

No fórum só vi a mensagem que estaria tendo uma atualização do PS4 em todas as salas....

Estou tentando entrar novamente e vem a mesma mensagem....

Isso está ocorrendo só comigo ou tem mais pessoas? 


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I have moved this topic to the Bug and Tech Issues section of the APB Forums.


The servers are currently unavailable due to ongoing works on the servers and networking.

The post warning of possible downtimes:


And the post detailing that we don't currently have an ETA for the servers to be back.





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Translated via google: 

I can't get in, I restarted the machine and everything ...

Is it still having maintenance? I don't think so, because it's been another 15hrs.

 I avia just entered the game, participated in 1 mission and took DC (Disconect), logged in again and only appears message saying that the server is under maintenance and was to consult the forum ...

In the forum just saw the message that would be having a PS4 update in all rooms ....

I am trying to sign in again and the same message comes ....

Is this happening to me alone or are there more people? 

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