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Server Update and i'm excited... sort of

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I'm bored, anyone wanna play any card games? or any cops wanna form a group to plan how we are gonna lessen the crim rate?(no i did not make a type i made a flat and lame pun)

I love updates but i believe a bit more should have been pinned and notified to us via our email of what to expect and when they are taking down the server, i am aware they said this on twitter but i didn't get any email, neither did the game itself know that it was gonna be updated!! But i still can't wait to see what will happen, even if it's one bug fix i'm happy 🙂 i just love games that are not ptw (APB is not in anyway ptw... ptw means u pay money to be stronger and only if you pay... will u be stronger... In APB u gotta grind... even if u pay, u just get cool stuff when u pay,(that's what i gathered from it so far...) kinda like certain battle royale games tht i bet i wont be allowed to say here...🙂 everything else requires skill.. well patience and a few buffs am i going off topic here? yea... sorryyy. I hope I got to entertain you a little bit!!! leave a like if u.. gosh i sound like a... u know who.. so... let's not do that.

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3 minutes ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

Weird thread.

Yea ik.. I didn do really good but it's my first time ever posting in a forum... Haven't been up with them much... Focused on other things mostly.

10 hours ago, Solamente said:

is this satire?

It's just my main thoughts all put in one.

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3 hours ago, Sintesis said:

I like chess, lol.

Yay 😄 hehe

I'm actually just 2 days new on APB so it being my new craze and just bailing on me after a day... It had hit me as a shocker .-.

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