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G1C Conversion

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Since Jericho and Citadel will merge in the future, can we get G1C conversion based on the player's country?

For example, steam uses the currency the account is located via IP, and prices convert automatically. 

I live in Brazil and find kinda expensive to buy more G1C these days since $1 USD  converts to R$ 4,00 that makes stuff a bit too expensive.

For example, $60 USD is converted to R$ 239,42 today.
On steam games that cost $60 USD often cost around R$120-200. (Often Triple-A games) 

This is not an issue only to Brazil, more south america players suffer from this, like Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and many others.
From what i've seen even Russian players have this problem.

I don't think locking accounts to a Country will fix this since many players probably play using VPN to get better ping or simply because they like to use VPN in general.

Destiny 2 has a way to fix this, you can buy its currency via steam and prices change based on the account's country.

There could be a lot of ways to make it so people can have access to G1C more easily, some people of course will try to abuse this. In steam if you change your IP constantly to make purchases you get a account-wide ban. That could be punishment for abusing this or just refunding the purchase and alerting the player to don't do that again otherwise they'll get permanently banned.

Can we get a look into this Matt?


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I have moved this topic to the Suggestions section of our forums.



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