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Stats not present on some ARMAS weapons

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Im here to report that statistics about some weapons are missing from their ARMAS page.

Most of them (which i will share the names in a second) have only the basic description or also a text "stats coming soon.."



1. CASE 'The Bolo' NFCP 3;

2. SWARM 'Killer Bee';

3. SWARM 'Yellow Jacket';

4. SWARM 'Locust';

5. Mountie 'Nunavut';

6. Mountie 'NorthWest';

7. Showstopper;

8. Norseman 'Hel';

9. Norseman 'Hoenir';

10. Norseman 'Tyr';

11. Shredder SB R&D III;

12. Obeya SLR762 'Broadside'.


Impressed because the armas should be up to date everyday, and when i see these strange missing parts i always ask to myself what's the point, i mean..

even the newest, latest weapon (the showstopper) have missing stats.


I suggest to put more attention to these details, because if a player is experienced nothing happens, but if a new player or whoever not experienced want to try out a new gun or even buy it, well, he/she can't know the stats of the item choosen, which is sad.


For @MattScott

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Opened a support ticket just because nobody cares about that into the forums, you can close it. @Amayii thank you in advance. ❤️

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Hi there,

This topic has been locked at the OP's request.

Thank you for letting us know, I have made the team aware of it.


- Azukii

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