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SO far it's pretty nice,

It's great that red pumpkins are all in th sae place for everyone it makes them a good activity o search them as a group.

The snub kills are a painful  taskfor the skin, I only got gold opps and snubbing them down is tough.

The true ogre feels a bit imbalancing the horsemman event.


On the Cloth,

The top is fine it is somethign we fdo not have, also the fishernet thing.

The stockings both are NOT good. Sorry but those are easily doable even without premium


Please if you make cloth consider that they need to be as plain as possible (people can add decals to make details and stuff) SO all we need is basic clothing and cut styles the rest is doable by ctsomization. Everytime you release some detailed cloth with presets that is just limiting the possibilitis to custmize them.

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