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Fashion and Vehicle Show and other lil Events

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heyas  o/


ya might know me as satanicsarah, kranke schwester and all from the slaytanic clan or some of my other toons, maybe even some of my well known secret toons ^^

beeing part of the FE community for 9+ years and participated in many player and officials held events


the 10th anniversary event is actually fun to do, but getting less attractive to players, due low population and most grindet it from start,

i hoped for LO to show up and let theyre officials have a small additional GM event, those random funstuff ya know, but it not happened yet

therefor i decided to spice the last days of our beloved Fallen Earth up with some little events here & there and make a fashion and car show as final


i am still in the planning stage and try to make it part of ella´s Survivor's Refuge co-ordinated 10th anniversary event and also blend in with other player hosted events




i will grind tokens on many of my toons, THOSE will be host, set instas and lead team (unless my crappy i-net prevents me from)


some mini events will start on friday 4th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-3 am CEST)

and run trough the week, those are :


quiz about FE and its items, random /rolls and random giveaways,

ALL that as part of the offical 10th anniversary event (need to be in team/raid for rolls)



on friday 11th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-4 am CEST) : ***

seek&find my toons, first to get to my location will get reward (different sectors, but mainly in s1/s2, higher sectors for lvl 50 gear items)


on saturdayday 12th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-4 am CEST) : ***

mini events in offical 10th anniversary event UNTILL luka´s GORE/scav party starts, maybe additionally within that



on sunday 13th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-4 am CEST)  :


the fashion and car show


at this point, i am not absolut sure about its location and time schedule

barret manor seems nice for, but would need some sort of escorting for lowbies and i would need volunteers for that,

i hope some of you will be brave and nice enough to ASSISIT ME THERE, otherwise the event needs to be held in embry crossroads/lower S1, so every player can join and be part of it


will be with different themes, such as steampunk, wasteland beauty and warrior, horror and most crazy

unless i get some more volunteers for building a jury, it might be judged by voting



DESPITE the fact, Fallen Earth gets shutdown to an unknown future, i sure as hell will give out rewards, such as:


wardrobe unlocks all

GT suits

jackals and luna

vault extention

wardrobe items from all over the years

serendipity drops and others

some funstuff 😉


***  NOTE: dates, places and such are subject to change to glance in with other events, i will update here and announce ingame




untill then: c ya and have fun




umm, no clue, how to edit, so...

rewards will also be vehicles, pets and dyes




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I'll try to make an appearance at some point, appreciate you hosting kranke and luka! If you need anything, let me know

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Awesome, I'll try to join your events when I'll have a free time from work. 👍

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i am very sorry to say, but i have to CANCEL the car and fashion show due total lack of interest by players,

so far only 1 offered some help, 3 called it a good idea and 2-3 would maybe be there, NO participants even asked about


surely could have advertised it more, so its partly my fault


since i still have to do event with some toons, i will do /rolls here&there and the hide&seek on friday WILL happen still

on saturday i will participate in the GORE/scav party and maybe hand out some /rolls

on sunday i will place my toons in different locations and do some screenshots

monday we will see...

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So those events will happen from 2-3 or 2-4 a.m. CEST??

DARN! I will sleep at that time because i work in morning. I wakeup at 5:30 a.m. CEST 😞

I can just be there between Suterday and Sunday at this time but at this time i want to sleep longer, until  7-8 a.m. Why so early u make events?

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no, those events START after maint (approx 15.00 CEST) with open end, depending on my mood and tiredness

today is the last chance for the random giveaways

but you need to participate in the anni event, low interest on that atm 😞


the hide&seek on friday 11th (after maint with open end) will be held via /global and /help

its simple, i hide my toons somewhere and announce it, give some hint and the first clone to get to me wins

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