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Duel Steel - Weekly Race Event

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WHAT? A 1v1 race in Blue Steel security vans

WHEN? Fridays 23:00 UK time but only if people have signed up here.


PRIZES? Read below...



Following the map below, you need to complete one lap of Waterfront in a Blue Steel truck. You will be against one other racer.

The twist? You have a partner driving a dump truck who can do whatever you wish. They can try to take out the other driver, protect you or smash through traffic. Whatever you want.


The event team will be driving the other two dump trucks to cause havoc for the racers. They will create a road block and later will go after the lead racer (or both if they are close).


I will run this weekly. After we have a certain amount of times we will take the top 8 and have them play off against each other. The winner will then receive a much bigger prize (yet to be decided).



- To win you must complete one lap before the other racer.

- Racers must stick to the track (you CAN drive on grass and cut corners), but dump truck drivers can go anywhere.

- People watching the race can also take part by causing their own havoc.

- If a racer becomes unable to move for one minute then they are out of the race.

- If you get out of the van you are out of the race.

- $50k to enter unless we have no racers then it's free.

-You can race as many times as you like but it is $50k to re-race and you will not get a prize for winning the race. Just a chance at improving your time.

-Only winners' times are counted.


Here is the track. It's basically the very outer edge of Waterfront:




$100k for a win (plus your money back). $50k bonus if you complete the track in less than 7 minutes.


Guarantee your spot by purchasing a ticket in advance. They will only be valid for the date on the ticket. This helps prevent time wasters. Let me know here if you want one and I'll log in and meet you or put one up on the market ($50k direct trade or $62.5k on market).



So grab a friend and hopefully we'll see you there on Friday! Can't make it? See how it goes on my stream: twitch.tv/witchqueen 😉


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Thanks to the racers from last night. Yeedman got the best time of 5:35 in beating Vickyfox.  Yeedman raced again against Punci and both racers failed to finish. Coordinate with your dump truck driver wisely! Feel free to bring your own.



1.Yeedman 5:35









Play off positions^^







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