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Disconnects when i choose character

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Hello, in the last 2 weeks i had that issue where i log in into the character selection window and then press enter and it immidiatley disconnects me back to the log in screen over and over again.

so i have tryed to open ports in the router, reinstalling the game, trying steam version client and G1 client, disabling firewall, making ip static/dynamic, restarting router. nothing works it just keep on disconnecting when i choose to enter with my character to the world. only thing that works is using VPN but even using european countries i am having high ping and its unplayable. i even called my isp and they got no idea whats happening.

it is very weird problem never had before.

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anyone can help nohi ? 

i have try to port forward , DMZ setting ( not sure about the  IP to put there is that defult getaway ip to IPV4 ) , i help him also to change from static ip to dynamic ( and the opposite)

also he disable firewall in the router as well , still its didnt fix . 

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