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Potential deterrent for cheaters

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As of late, there seems to have been a suspicious amounts of players that either showcase their hacks on stream or just try to be sly about it. I think having a team or group of administrators or moderators, that are active in the game-play aspect of the game, should have more of a presence. It would highly discourage other players from hacking and would help put the non-hacking players at ease. I'm not quite sure as to the size of the GM team or anything similar to what I've described, but would be nice. I know that before where hackers would be blatantly cheating and be pulling off "top tier" shots but when a GM joined the district, they stopped performing well.  It may not immediately solve the cheating solution but would deter most common cheaters if they realize they could be caught. Just my suggestion on the issue. 

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The fear of cheating and hackers is high just like the fear of terrorism. 


The reality and level of threat is low due to false perceptions and a higher than ever vigilance. 


A new anticheat system has been added (again) and a lot of less experienced players are quick to assume cheating just because they are not as knowledgeable as another player. 


Sometimes it can also just be just sheer luck but a majority of claimed cheating cases are just more experienced players doing better. 


... And yes some veteran player deliberately try to make their threat lower, make new characters just to deceive and troll. 

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There's still a decent amount of streamers that literally showcase them cheating on twitch daily... Or how someone mow's 4 people down that spawn approximately 100m away and are wiped by one person jumping between cars... but alright. The new "anticheat" system isn't perfect and more client-side advantages aren't being addressed. 




And with some after thought, in my opinion, I would say the amount of cheaters and hackers are like the amount of people that smoke weed in states that haven't legalized weed.


The only way to catch them is to see them in the act or a drug test. However, they are pretty good at being discreet about it.


But I could be wrong. I've always gave people the benefit of the doubt. Always skeptical when people were doing extremely well, however, after many encounters with them, it leans more towards a slight "advantage". 


You could make the argument that the players are veterans and have finely tuned their skills, yes, I acknowledge that. However, some individuals would seem to have gotten "3 years of veteran" experience after being camped for 2 objective waves for instance. Not sure if that would be the case of a veteran player, but still seems more suspicious than usual. 


This concern comes from getting to know some people and them displaying and show casing how easily it's done. 

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Its been already sugessted... there are suposed to be gms around but they cant take actions more than report more directly a cheater. 

No idea if they keep going with that... gms were volunteers.


Edit. I doubt they were doing anything anyways... or the process too slow.

Cheaters will reroll faster than the time its spent to caught them.

They won and there is not much it can be done because apb is f2p. Im suspicious they even want a merge to citadel to be able to have more clients... they even send players to sugest this. They come as far as to ddos jericho for that.


If you have another idea... the extra problem is that they now need proof so the banned account cant claim false ban or something like it.

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