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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so hear me out. I think it is cool if you have a grenade launcher on the Joker CR-5. Which is an M16 in real life? This Idea popped in my head after watching a madness combat incident (by krinkels, not fan made) That had Deimos pick up an M16 with a grenade launcher and he loaded the shell in it. When he Shot it had exploded the L33T agents to pieces. But In APB this could be a good Attachment if done right. It could even have a Stunt mode where it's full of stun Grenades and for enforcers. Ok, let us go over the details. The weapons that can have this are... The Joker CR-5. (The gun can be used since LaRocha got a back thing with a black CR-5 with a grenade launcher) The COBRA-VENOM. (I'm gonna go over the pros and cons) I would say atac but it's more toxic when you're using atac and use a perc grenade to finish them off with the launcher. (I'm gonna go over what grenades that can be used) NTEC-5 since AK'S have grenade launchers but a different type. Ok, you can add your suggestions on what weapon can be used but here are the pros and cons. Pros: Can be used to finish off or stun someone. Make your weapon look badass or ugly. Makes use of perc grenades or stun grenades. Cons: Percs and stuns can only be used (MOST GL weapons and launchers have impact grenades that go off at a certain distance) Uses the 2 grenades you have on you. Expensive (Don't want everyone running around spamming this shit) removes grips from weapons (Cobra grip, And other weapons) Only in the joker store and costs 15k joker tickets since It's perm. That's about it for Grenade launchers. Now, how about lasers and silencers to weapons? Silenced weapons can have different sounds but do less damage due to the silencer. Lasers that can turn on by D-PAD UP or... E on the keyboard. Pros and cons for silencers. Pros: Makes you not appear on radar, Adds a suppressor to your weapon, Looks cool. Cons: Changes reticle due to recoil being reduced (I may be wrong on this) Makes your weapon do less damage. Joker Only Attachment. Pros and cons of the laser. Pros: Makes your weapon looks badass with a laser on it. Laser color can be customized by buying skin colors for this with in-game joker tickets. 100 a piece. Laser appears on the person's chest. Lowers Reticle due to the laser. Adds a realize laser that's long and seeable when you walk. Cons: Can be located when shooting. People are aware of the laser meaning they can follow the laser while they're shooting and get caught off guard. This wraps it up. Please add on in the comments. And Please don't shit on me for my shitty cons, pros, or my Suggestion
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