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  1. i feel sad that the lag situation was improved from a few weeks ago to now hearing this news. also sad those who barely started venturing into the game to only hear about this news. will we get notified when servers are back up? what about the unused g1c in our accounts? do they stay til after the revamp or will they expire?
  2. you should have just waited for the lag to pass and the system to self correct after several minutes. (it had been in this type of loop until the server stop self correcting and crash) when you cannot accept quests, during that time you cannot fast travel or log in from the character select screen so might as well just wait and chill while still inside. defrag files and recheck data helps if you have loading problems during the log in process however.
  3. first launch no character in select screen -> waited a bit -> nothing -> repeat on second launch -> waited a bit -> nothing -> third launch on client "check-marked" complete file check to see if there's any client error -> no character in select screen -> waited a bit -> character showed up -> loaded in okay
  4. i wish the rebuilt of the server and reload the current database 'attempt' in order to fix this is done in a way to minimize downtime. in a way i do sympathise with the dev encounting unforseen problems and pulling all nighters trial and error trying to fix this in the least time consuming way, but now with server completely down for half the time in these past 2 weeks in addition to that roughly 2 weeks lost of progress prior to the move, this is a bad outlook for people who want to try this, spend some money on this during this much downtime, or sound positive while we all are mostly waiting silently for the server to be up and running, to be stable enough just like prior to the move. it might have been better if any new attempts are done while behind the scene using the daily restart time to backup the current database to use as material for reloading attempts so that at best we lose like a day or so progress if they find a way to work around the issue, while keeping more up-to-date with backups in case of corrupt copies. most old mmos i have been with had weekly maintenance so it wouldnt be that bad if they stretch the restart time frame once or twice a week for a few hours longer to backup some database to work with for attempts like these that are critical to uptime. i know it'll cost more drive space, more dev hours to do backups and trial attempts and verifications, but it might help lower the pressure on the dev to try to bring back the server up asap if the live server is at least in someway still up while they figure out a way to stablize.
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