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  1. Well, you didn't pay for it. And the gift was received from Innova, not from G1 or LO.
  2. You sure you wanna youtube video in your signature? It uses a lot of space. When Innova send all necessary data to LO.
  3. Я бы поставил лайк на твой пост, но сегодняшний их лимит я уже исчерпал
  4. "Recruitment of San Paro" contains: 10000 APB$ about 200-300 JT, I don't remember exact number on this 4 purple guns for 1 week and can be purchased only once for each character or once for account. don't remember exactly either. Cheap joker boxes contain limited time legendary weapons or untradable.
  5. APB don't have headshots. But he's right. There is like a lot (in relation to the total online) players on nekrova, who clearly uses some cheating 3rd party software.
  6. Well after that "transfer" just noone will continue playing. So, it's useless. Better not to do it at all.
  7. Not even close. Lul, no, we don't. That will be new, fresh, naked characters, not those characters. Who needs rank? It doesn't mean anything. As I said, this kind of transfer is waste of LO time and resources. Just shut down nekrova right now and work on riot and engine instead.
  8. That's because LO didnt take away from you anything for which you have paid real money. I can create naked chars on citadel anytime myself and does't have to wait for LO to do that for me and call it "transfer". Honestly, Matt, if you really going to do this transfer this way, just don't do it at all. Simply shut down nekrova and that's it. Don't waste your company resourses on this kind of transfer. Use them for far more useful things, like new RIOT mode or engine upgrade.
  9. Are you think that Citadel is some kind of paradise where everyone wants to go? No, it isn't. There are people who prefer staying on Nerkova with a single 20x20 district (which is quite playable), than losing items that real money was spent on. Also, what will hapen to characters mail? Completely wiped or partially/fully transferred? I have many non-permanent guns there.
  10. Well, good thing i didn't asking you. I don't get why it's bad.
  11. It is still playable. I prefer this, than having naked char on citadel, whitch i can create myself with no help from LO.
  12. It isn't empty. It has one playable district.
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