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  1. 1.30 beta build crashes after character selection if you clear out "APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary" directory. Current 1.20 build works fine. I'm used to do this to disable all the music in the game.
  2. A new bug with Satchel Charge: If you die right after using it, then, when you respawn, another INVISIBLE Satchel Charge will spawn at your position and detonate when countdown comes to zero. Example: https://youtu.be/n2vhnxPj9Q4?t=9870 Possible reason: countdown to detonation doesn't stop if Satchel Charge exploded earlier because of taken damage.
  3. A new bug: Activating Mobile Cover while Satchel Charge is deployed will cause Satchel Charge to dissapear. And vice versa, activating the Satchel Charge while Mobile Cover is deployed will cause Mobile Cover to dissapear.
  4. I dont see what advantage no muzzle flash can give, other from higher fps.
  5. Just woke up and a friend tells me that Matt disapproves my work. Okay. http://somepony.space/apb_manager/ Download liks taken down and added link to this tread with warning message.
  6. Looks like the newer character gets rename. And it may not be nekrova one.
  7. So, whats the delay? It seems that everything was decided with compensations? Or not?
  8. Well, you didn't pay for it. And the gift was received from Innova, not from G1 or LO.
  9. You sure you wanna youtube video in your signature? It uses a lot of space. When Innova send all necessary data to LO.
  10. Я бы поставил лайк на твой пост, но сегодняшний их лимит я уже исчерпал
  11. "Recruitment of San Paro" contains: 10000 APB$ about 200-300 JT, I don't remember exact number on this 4 purple guns for 1 week and can be purchased only once for each character or once for account. don't remember exactly either. Cheap joker boxes contain limited time legendary weapons or untradable.
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