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  1. 20 minutes ago, MattScott said:

    I also took a very conservative approach, because aspects of the community were very scary (ie. calling bomb threats to Tigg's home). For the safety of my staff, I chose to expose my identity up front, but that allowed everyone else at LO to remain somewhat anonymous till we got a better feel for things.

    LO Employee: "Its these players. They're just so... toxic. They made a bomb threat against the last CM, did you know that? In her own home! Can you believe that? I just... I'm just saying that don't know if its safe for us to be putting our names out there, is all..." 


    Matt: ByaH7EI.png

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  2. Honestly, assuming each pack is a dollar, like the past preset bundles were, and we not only get the clothes but the decals too, I'm... Pretty happy to keep buying them.


    3 dollars for cool preset clothes and 3 new sets of decals? 


    I like it



    Also, is there any chance we'll get a Little Orbiter clothing pack? Or maybe some decals of her


    She's adorable. 




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  3. Because of you I've begun signing any and all official/formal emails with "Thanks, [My Name]". I even made it my auto signature in the email app on my phone. 


    MattScott: making APB players sound more official since 2018 




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  4. 8 minutes ago, Kewlin said:


    The EU isn't really worth anything if the game is worse than it currently is: it's a reasonable question.

    I mean Id take stable performance/framdrate, improved matchmaking, cracking down on cheaters etc over just being able to drive on two wheels for a few seconds. 


    But if a lack of wheelies are what makes the game worse for then idk what to tell you


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  5. I can't say I've agreed with everything LO has done, both in-game and with certain parts of the community, but you guys are clearly trying. You've had some hiccups (some bigger than others), and some mistakes were made. 

    But the point is you're still trying really really hard to make APB a better experience for everyone. 


    I appreciate everything. I appreciate all of you.


    Much LOve for Little Orbit 😄



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  6. Honestly, this seems more like Innova's fault than Little Orbit. The fact that Matt tried reaching out with no response shows that they either aren't getting his messages or don't care enough to get back to him about a very big issue.


    Plus if Nekrova is bleeding money, and has been since last May then it's a miracle that it's been up this long.


    I think this anger is misdirected, frankly 

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