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  1. game shouldnt block people from entering, its plain stupid finally i joined, good bye
  2. terrible idea says who? threat system is terrible right now i cant join the game, read first then reply
  3. why do you think there is a problem with the servers?
  4. why is that? why i cant join the game? because silver district is full and i cant join bronze cause im gold, duh
  5. you have 600 people at peak times on obeya, remove threat so that people can join any district they want, at this point its pointless to require silver threat to join bronze districts.
  6. I'm really happy I don't have to be waken up right now and deal with all of that shit show g1 made, that I can tell you. Everyone wants to play, the only reason I registered is because I couldnt log in, I wanna play too. But I also happen to know what kind of pain devs are dealing with right now. Trust me they would love you to log in right now.
  7. They wrote you something. 2 hours ago. Btw, G1 never bothered to do that for days.
  8. sometimes you come accross legacy code which you don't know when you will be able to fix at first look, give it time.
  9. what code error or msg do you get in that case?
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