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  1. Yea, the new character thing is out of the question... I really really really do not want to loose close to 20-30 yellow chips. Would be very painful to try and gain em back nowadays, especially with the market quiet. I guess I will take a shot at contacting a forum mod, and see what happens next.
  2. I recently decided to come back and try the game after I recently heard it was purchased by a new company and they were starting to update it again. So I went through the processes to get logged back in. Along the way I found out that I do not remember my account name in order to manually log in. . . So I created a support ticket asking for assistance with the issue, that was 8 days ago, and not a single response. I am just curious to see if others have had such issues with customer support or I am the only one. Currently I am a little dissatisfied with the time wasted in waiting. Meanwhile I await a response, hopefully one will come.
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