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  1. While people complain game is unfair/ matchmaking is unbalanced, i can just point out a few things. First of all losing in this game is fairy common, let's be honest you die alot in this game as how many times you die in any other shooting game, You blame that gold is so good the wreck you, but actually what if that gold player just learned how to use his weapon propely, while you maybe you don't even want to learn your weapon what is good about it or what is bad, i can also say , if you lose on districts just play asylium and learn there how to use your weapon ( it's mostly an brawl where is 20v20 ) so its quite good to learn how to use your weapon, especially since there are alot of narrow places, and small/long/medium range which helps alot, what i am saying in short : if you don't know how to play the game, and you want to learn how to use your weapon i suggest to do asylium than normal finnancial/waterfront districts.
  2. Hold up, so people are still not happy with this? First off now you pay 1$ for 100 g1c, right? After the price did decrease, with only 5$ let's say, you can buy the skateboard backpack which is 2$ , a pair of shoes which is 1$,an pair of cat ears for 0.50$, also bunch other clothes for 1$, thing is, i also noticed that CSG which prior was 20+$ to buy perm, now is only 15$ perm for character,and about almost 20$ for lifetime account, Which i think this is really a good deal, also now premium is 8$ which therefore you pay 20$ let's say, you buy premium ,you will receive 20% discount, now an calculation would be , that you can buy premium -800 you remain with 1200, the shotgun is 1500 perm i think? (correct me if i am wrong), 1500- 20%=1200 , so with 20 frikking $ you can buy premium and csg shotgun perm on one of your characters.
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