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  1. For 3 days in a row the servers have gone down. yesterday it lasted 3 hours. It's not hard, every other company managed it fine. Fix your shit
  2. Excuse me ? There is nothing wrong with my beloved favourite weapon...i will fight u right now
  3. Yeah I saw you saying about it in waterfront. Unlucky my dude Hope u manage to get another skin that works. - Tulip
  4. Ok, I know this isn't a computer issue with my 1070ti. However when I go into waterfront and begin to drive, i randomly teleport back, or Go to get in the car and just stand there for ages in a froze animation However this doesn't happen in financial or Fightclub for me. So whats up with waterfront ?
  5. I'm level 32 and want to go to baylan but it keeps saying I need a minium level of 30 to join... well umm... im over that
  6. I made a character but couldn't get past the naming section. trying to get onto citadel server, ( coming back after a long break ) and I type in a name such as Pemmaa or Custardcrea or even something random like " abcvlpoiuy" and APB says its taken or is inappropriate when clearly... its not.
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