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  1. I've definitely noticed more lag of late, but type 2 - specifically where a node's popup won't pop - has been significantly improved for me since LO's server move.
  2. I find the "reworks of past MMOs never work" to be a little strange. If they're half-hearted attempts to con a new playerbase (lookin' at you, Defiance) then sure, they're going to be bad. But plenty of MMOs have had work done that bring mostly-dead games back to profitability and make them sustainable again. Look at how Star Trek Online has become a content machine - that's not because that game floundered and never came back. Anyway, I'm not super surprised LO hasn't devoted more than one person's staff time to the project until they sort through the code base and assets. You can't jump into a big project before you do a needs assessment and I don't know that you'd get better results with more people on it at this early stage. Gotta see what's still viable and what's not first.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. Surprises me a little that there's toxicity left in a community for a 10-year-old game... although maybe the fact that some people have been around for so long contributes.
  4. I played FE first during the beta, bounced out after launch, came back after F2P, and have jumped in again. For the first time I think I'm getting a handle on the game and think it's so fascinating that LO is exploring how to modernize the game. I'm so charmed by the game world and the fact that a decade later there's still a small fan base in the game. All in all, it feels good to be back. What should someone coming in know about the game, the community, and how best to support the game? Cheers everyone, see you in the wasteland.
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