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  1. Thanks for f*#&% up the shotguns again. Only reason I liked to play APB is how much fun I had shotgunning. Not much holding anyone to this game except their dollars spent in ARMAS.
  2. Yea... some real problems for this game to tackle. 7 years and counting. I guess people will complain regardless. Its all subjective.
  3. Fairly subjective and ongoing, armas weapons compared to f2p are also just reskins. When I said "not true" I meant that people were saying there are no issues with weapons; people saying those remarks are not true. If you look back in this thread people said that the cheater issue is almost non-existent or said player was versing someone alot better than them..
  4. Can I ask a question, why are there so many threads talking about "weapon balancing" and "cheaters" when they apparently are not true, according to some here?
  5. Yea but I never talked about an ntec, yet you replied thinking I did... It was a situation with an OCA and CSG.
  6. I barely play this game now and I know what you said was moronic.
  7. Ill check it out, but it probably wont mean much if Im not going to play again. "Also in how your rank does matter in your understanding the game ?" .. Um I dont know, experience and actually playing and understanding the game? I have about 800+hours so I would say that sufficient enough to understand the game.
  8. That would explain it I guess. Never remembered getting destroyed by OCA's or their respective "reskins"
  9. Macros lol. Fun times. Yea I think LO or someone might have posted the actual ttk specs.
  10. I understand it was a car, my point still stands and I was going off what he said it would take to earn it. I dont think Ill be playing much of this game any longer..
  11. forgot the name, there so many new guns since I last played.
  12. Okay well all you did was say "No" to what I said. It can say "functionally identical" and I guess thats the end all be all? Its not like they can just say that and not tell anyone its actually a bit better. I estimated the 1.5s part because I dont actually know but it was quick enough to the point where I couldnt get off 2 CSG shots. "Dont fully understand the game" I guess a gold 200rank doesnt understand the game anymore. Fair enough. I was only trying to join a waterfront server that had players, and it happened to be bronze. Im trying to unlock the OSKAR from birth.
  13. Yea.. because 7 weeks at max rank is reasonable.. There is a such thing as "pay to shortcut" however, when the shortcut is literally surpassing all levels up to max and 7 weeks of playtime at that max rank, I thing it falls under p2w simple because you are purchasing it to.. have an edge that would take a really long time to achieve. So long if fact, you might quit the game like alot of people have before getting to maxrank.
  14. Played APB again for the first time in a few years and I was getting destroyed by an OCA "reskin" ... Population is low as hell (ColbyNA) aswell so I had to figure out how to get my gold account into a bronze waterfront, which was impossible so I had to play in a silver financial. I can see why new players quit the game quick. Not much has actually changed. I wouldnt say the guns are pay to win but you definetly have an edge. I usually shotgun/ACT44 and the OCA "reskin" would shred me in 1.5s, I couldnt even get my second shot off in time in some cases. Now I know what some die hard veteran will say "buy a gun to counter it", if thats how this game works now, than count me out. Why should I have to buy a load of counter weapons for certain scenarios because my CQC gun cant beat another CQC gun. Sure, shotguns and submachines differ but I still have the camera swapping,free aim, and strafing and even then I am getting shredded by the "reskin". Seems like these days only diehards are playing and keeping the game alive through their ARMA purchases of "reskins". Biggest problem for me back in the day was the Nano but I have yet to come across it again. Weird how people justify ARMAs weapons purchases as cosmetic items and then say things like "these in game purchasable guns are no different". I mean with a game like fortnite, atleast people can actually see your puchased skin,axe, or glider. You can barely see someones gun in this game and usually all it is, is an indicator that they are pretty deadly. Just my 2 cents.
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