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  1. 54 minutes ago, ColorBauss said:

    What I mean by "basic pathing" is that whenever you go close enough, say 20-30 meters, pedestrians will run straight at you, and if they collide with something they will keep trying to run straight at you until you are out of their range. After all, if they are implemented to mission districts and actually chase you down through doors, ladders etc. like you suggested it could be a bit much.

    Yes. That’s exactly what I mean in the first place. It will sure attract players from other shooting games!

  2. 8 minutes ago, MattScott said:

    Hi all,


    We are not getting DDoSed, but we did move colocation facilities for part of the APB hosting. I checked our monitoring and I see some players on districts in every world.


    Can I get a little extra information to pass onto the devs? What world and platform are you on?


    We had some intermittent outages with the login server. Can you double check that it is still down?




    I tried both NA and EU server. No response from the server when trying to connect. And you get stuck with the loading screen. Yes. It’s been like this for almost five hours now and still going on.

  3. Most of my points are covered by other’s threads. I would like to add only one more suggestion.

    4. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could?

    It would make the gaming experience more interesting if the corpse of the eliminated players can stay where they are and not disappear so that existing players can use them as a hint to find the rest players hiding nearby. This can also accelerate the game process, making hiding more difficult.

  4. Thought the revive mechanism would work better then the self-healing system and, instead of using mods to speed up hp recovery, the players can free up their slots to bring additional consumables so as to weigh more on the game’s strategical aspects rather than solely reply on the weapons they use, which eventually pushes the game towards pay2win per se. 

    This is also great for a mentor program where new players can be truely assisted by experienced players on the same group.

    Also, I think it’s better to incorporate some of the mods into the outfits, such as bulletproof vest is made to increase player’s hp and tactical boots can make them run faster, etc.


  5. I think the revive mode from fort nite is a great idea to learn from. Instead of endless respawning, players can be revived on site by their nearby ally or themselves when their heath is depleted to zero. This also encourages strategical  team work.

    any thoughts? @MattScott

  6. Apb has a shit load of inactive players, most of whom left the game long before they realize how worthy this game is to keep. While some of them are frustrated by inevitable cheaters in the game, most of them just lacks the experience or guidance to take them to the next level.

    Now, I’m looking for rookie players with commitment to this game to play with me. I can guide you through the game and help you level up fast. I also provide award opportunities for Armas Market outfit packages if you are genuinely committed and actively playing.

    interested? PM me.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Tizzie said:

    I think one of the reasons was to help combat real world trading. Also I vaguely recall hearing about people using it to get others banned on purpose by gifting them things and then doing chargebacks.


    In other words bad people ruined something good. Hopefully it'll come back when it's less exploitable but until then you can give people steam giftcards or something

    Well, I assume whoever playing this game takes responsibility of his/her own actions. They just have to learn to protect themselves, in game and in real world.

  8. 2 minutes ago, BXNNXD said:
    its likely we wont see a ue4 version of apb for at least a year imo

    orbit has stated that they will have to completely rewrite the game from scratch, unlike with ue3.5
    Waiting doesn’t have to be painful if Little Orbit keeps fans posted on the UE4 version of the game. Their previous statements are kinda obscured. Are they actually making the UE4 version a completely different game? Or some kinda visual upgrade from the current version.

  9. My suggestion is to relate the recovery time of stamina with the degree of damage. When a player sustained substantial damage, he/she should take more time to recover while showing signs of the damage by slower movement or, even better, struggles to walk/move.

    This can also make medical assist more helpful.

    When a player sustained a certain degree bullet damage, he/she fell onto the ground and wait for other teammate who carries medic to resurrect them. While lying on the ground, the player may still use secondary weapons to shoot with limited vision. There should be a waiting or counting down before death (immediate death can be made to severe explosion damage or hit by vehicle). And once dead, the player shall stay out of the current mission, but only in observer mode. That means he/she can still watch the game but not able to communicate with other team mate.

    Instead of spawning in the game over and over again, this ‘one life’ mode is definitely more fun!

    P.S. leave the dead player where he/she is, because this may provide clues to other players to find enemy.

    This also leaves room for an armour grading system, where damage can be countered by the higher graded armour.

  10. I remember someone suggested chocking them to death, but personally I think it’s too violent. Instead, I think Little Orbit should consider implementing bear hands combat/ melee mode, allowing skills to use LTL weapons such as knives or baseball bats.

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