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  1. It seems like the GamersFirst login servers are down right now. APB is having the same issues and I am having trouble logging into the website as well
  2. I still have my faith in this game. It's been around for a long time and the devs are having to fix the mistakes of the previous companies all while rebuilding the game in a completely new engine. I don't know for sure how many people are working on the engine but I'm sure its not that many due to the smaller and smaller income in the pockets of the company because of the smaller playerbase. The marketing campaign will come when the new engine is out and the players will come back to a better APB. We just have to stick together as a community to make sure the game doesn't die until then and have faith in the developers that are trying their best to make this game better. Get your friends in the game and keep the servers alive and we will have a great time while we wait for the developers to do their job. If you like playing the game then just play it and don't complain about how slow the development is.
  3. Im getting an error code every time I try to login saying that my password and username are incorrect , but every time i try to go to the GamersFirst website to change my password it says there is an error loading the site. Are the servers currently down or is there an attack or something?
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