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  1. <----Aethaeran ShyLO has been nice enough to be keeping us updated in the #system channel of the public FE Discord. This is of course a courtesy. As Lixil has pointed out, the public FE Discord is community driven, and not at all associated with Little Orbit.
  2. @NysekZePope It's because of some tweak the developers put in at some point. Ever notice when you're respeccing and sometimes your maximums fluctuate? Max Crafting isn't affected by it. I fixed it in my version of the planner. (ie. I made Max Crafting use a different formula) Big thanks to Psychic Smurf for the original planner. Apocalypsia and Guizzly of Le Cartel for the aesthetics from their version of the planner. Nysek for originally updating the skills to the current combat system. and myself for putting the skill descriptions from in game in, and other various tweaks. https://aethaeran.github.io/Fallen-Earth-Build-Planner/ I hosted it on Github, so that others are welcome to improve upon, or fork the planner in their own direction. Also we don't have to worry about it going down. I always wanted to add saves, resists, passives, and gear, but never got around to it. If PvP keeps picking up, maybe I'll get around to it. https://github.com/Aethaeran/Fallen-Earth-Build-Planner
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