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  1. =================================================================================================== Introducing Lifenet18 =================================================================================================== About Lifenet18! Originally started as a small on the side project investing little time each day remastering UI elements, this was over the course of time since 2016. Now over time everything has added up and we now have something that is usable by the Fallen Earth Community. The Theme/Goal of Lifenet18 is to keep the Original Look to Fallen Earths UI Elements but make them more immersive for Players as-well as more appealing to the Human Eye. There is slight modifications within Lifenet18 that remove some of the original UI Elements to free up Clutter and make the Players Screen Appear as less Cluttered as Possible while still giving the player the feeling of Immersion within the UI itself. =================================================================================================== Preview: "0.6 Preview 01 - (In Game)" - Version 0.6 (Latest Build) Preview: "0.6 Preview 02 - (Character Screen)" - Version 0.6 (Latest Build) Preview: "0.6 Preview 03 - (Mount UI)" - Version 0.6 (Latest Build) =================================================================================================== =================================================================================================== Download Link "Lifenet Fallen18 0.6 - (Click to Download)"- Version 0.6 (Latest Version) <-- Latest Version Re-worked all UI Icons, Mount/Vehicle UI Buttons/Icons, Character Selection screen Buttons, Fixed an Issue from Ver. 0.5 where the Close Window Buttons & Minimize Buttons would Clip off of the UI Elements, and Finally finished the Menu GUI Element on the Bottom right followed by the Popup Menu. =================================================================================================== HOW TO INSTALL: 1. After you've downloaded the File, Extract the Zip File using Z-Zip or Win-Rar. 2. Goto you're Fallen Earth Installation Directory, Open the "skins" Folder. 3. Drag the Folder "lifenet18" into your skins Folder. 4. Restart game, goto Settings>Interface & Select lifenet18 from the "UI Skin" Dropdown Menu located on the Top left of the Window. 5. DONE! =================================================================================================== Future ToDo List: Further Polishing. Custom Arrows for Crafting Menu Tab & Skill Window. Make a PvP UI Variant. Have the Radar UI Element Display in a Future Version. Welcome back to Fallen Earth Everyone! Happy Halloween (10/31/21) =================================================================================================== Future Updates will Depend on the Community, Enjoy Lifenet18 Clones! =================================================================================================== Final Build will be Version 0.5 Possibly an Earlier Version Depending on how everything comes together. UPDATE: With the Re-Opening of Fallen Earth I've Decided to continue to work on Fallen18 & Finish the Project Hopefully by Mid 2022. =================================================================================================== NOTE: If your installing a new Version/Update Remove/Replace the Existing files. =================================================================================================== Recommended: Delete Old Version of Lifenet18 and Replace with new Copy. =================================================================================================== Old Posting can be Found at: https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/408499-streliss-lifenet-18/ ===================================================================================================
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