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  1. I will, because I truly want to believe. My top games for hours played are Fallout as a series, and APB.
  2. ... but the lag and desync in WF throwing you all over the place make it impossible. Make me believe again Little Orbit. I want to believe.
  3. No bullshoot? Yes. Yesterday was the first time I played since July 2015 and aside from one small instance of the game having a stutter from a bunch of OPGL and perc detonations, it was smooth. This was on Jerchoke btw.
  4. $33 for a fan with LEDs on it? Are you high?
  5. Stop it, you're making too much sense. It can't be because of pushing boundaries and offending people. It has to be because the uniforms were snazzy and people want to cosplay in cops and robbers games as a Nazi for historic purposes. Just stating facts. if you want to take your mental simplicity as a win, more power to you. Handi-capable and all that.
  6. If you're too amazing to understand the difference between a weapon created in a game and a Nazi uniform and what it represents there is no point in continuing this conversation. I won't even bother responding to the blood stains comment, since your simple mind completely missed the rest of the words in the sentence.
  7. Hurr durr. Are you seriously comparing someone creating police uniforms in a cops and robbers game to someone creating Nazi uniforms in a cops and robbers game?
  8. Because normal rational adults want to parade around in a cops and robbers video game in a Nazi uniform and not actually offend people because it fits the theme of the game? Of course it is about offending people. Just like the people with the shit, blood and cum stains on their characters through tattoos and clothing. You're a dimwit if you think otherwise.
  9. if you're going to go through the trouble of making a red armband with a white circle and an iron cross on it I think it is pretty safe to say you're making a Nazi uniform. So if you like to cosplay being a Nazi, chances are you're a douche. So own your douchebaggery rather than beating around the bush.
  10. There is absolutely no other reason to be creating Nazi uniforms in a cops and robbers game than to be a douche. If you're going to be a douche, be a man and admit it. Why not just be honest and up front that you want to offend people but want to make sure you won't be punished for doing it?
  11. Sure. So now the paranoia will sit in the back of your mind that if you go into a lower district you'll be viewed as a dethreater, so you could potentially say in the higher threat server and continually be curbstomped until you don't enjoy yourself anymore and leave. IMHO dethreating is an action that needs to be witnessed by a GM. We have all seen dethreaters before and there is a marked difference between someone who is bad or having an off day and someone who is purposely losing and playing poorly in order to drop to a lower district to troll.
  12. A friend and I played with nothing but pistols to improve our pistol skills. He dropped to silver in the process. Our gameplay was absolute garbage while we figured out which tactics to use, but eventually improved. Someone who called backup and got us might get all salty and view it as an attempt at dethreating, but it legitimately wasn't.
  13. so blatant dethreating is against the ToS.
  14. What is the official definition of dethreating? If I were to not play my best and goof around a bit lobbing percs resulting in extra deaths or loss of a match which negatively impacted my ranking, is that dethreating? Am I obligated to give 110% at all times?
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