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  1. Officer11

    Name Change

    Yeah that's probably it because it doesn't show that for me
  2. Officer11

    Name Change

    I’m on mobile, might be why it’s not working. Looked through account settings and could find a way to change it, but again might be because I’m on mobile
  3. Officer11

    Name Change

    I recently purchased the In Game Name Change, no Issue there it worked and all that but how do I get my Fourm Name Updated?
  4. I don’t think he is judging it as an insult. It is an insult. “Yes, it ruins the experience for those that are waiting for a match” vs “No, i prefer wasting the capacity of a district for my own distractions.”
  5. Lmao your entire point to any response is “It SaYs MiSsIoN dIsTrIcT” It’s a childish way to disagree, and ignore anyone who opposes your point of view.
  6. No, Missions are not the only mode of gameplay in districts, there wouldn’t be ramps if you weren’t supposed to jump them, wouldn’t be fast cars if you weren’t supposed to race around, Dump trucks wouldn’t be able to blow anything in its path up if it wasn’t designed that way. To claim the game is simply a hardcore shooter is selfish. And in most cases these “streamers” (we literally all know who you are trying to call out) are waiting for bounties to pop up while they so call “loiter” you can’t discriminate a player because they are not conforming to your rules on how the game should be played.
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